More Tools To Help You Spot Fake News

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Thanks to the Internet, anyone can be a reporter!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that not everyone is cut out for the gig, or they use their platform to push an agenda that doesn’t line up with, well, reality.

That’s why we built Don’t Get Faked, a quiz that shows just how well you can tell real news from the made-up stuff.

But we are far from the only ones out on the Wild Web who are trying to help regular folks figure out truth from fiction. We’ve picked out some of our favorite resources to help you be the boss of legit news:

Newseum: “Tools to stay ahead of tricksters and trolls

The News Literacy Project: “Sort fact from fiction in the digital age

Harvard and MIT: “Address propaganda and misinformation in the new media ecosystem”

Buzzfeed: “Spot fake news like a pro”

Educator Innovator: “Comprehend and critique fake news

Now get out there and help your friends and family find that legit news!

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