Keeping My Personal Life Private, On And Offline

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Privacy keyboardFacebook says you’ve got to be at least 13 to sign-up, yet there are millions of underage users, giving  away their personal information without a second thought. And social media is just the tip of the iceberg.

I think teenagers should not only watch what they post, but also pay attention to who’s looking at what they post. Some students have reportedly lost their scholarships for offensive tweets. And dozens of teens have even been arrested for posting threats on Facebook.

In my family, our policy is to be as private as possible. I take the value seriously–even my closest friends don’t know most details about my life. They don’t even know that i’m doing this–right now– on the raido. I want strangers to know even less.

I know that in 2013 you need a web presence to be successful or even considered normal. Most jobs and colleges these days will check to see what klind of person you are. If your online profile is too private, they’ll have no idea who you are, and may be less likely to select you.

There is no clear formula, but I say, think twice, click once.

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