If You Live In These States, Prepare For Major Back To School Savings This Weekend

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It’s Friday, and as if heading into the weekend wasn’t good enough, things just got better for students in 10 states.

For just 1/5 of the country, it’s tax-free weekend — a literal holiday where sales tax is suspended in certain stores and cities. Just in time for back to school shopping, you can save anywhere from a couple dollars on notebook paper and pens to a couple hundred dollars on that new laptop.

Here are the participating states:

Arkansas – August 4-5

Florida – August 3-5

Iowa – August 3-4

Missouri – August 3-5

New Mexico – August 3-5

Ohio – August 3-5

Oklahoma – August 3-5

South Carolina – August 3-5

Virginia – August 3-5

Wisconsin – August 1-5

And mark your calendar if you live in these three states because your weekend is coming up:

Texas – August 10-12

Connecticut – August 19-25

Maryland – August 12-18

But there is a catch. Certain limitations exist in some cities and on certain items. 

Make sure you check your state’s specific guidelines at your government revenue site, or here on this comprehensive list.

For example:

  • In Missouri your tax-free status is eligible on clothing items under $100 each, computers under $1,500 and school supplies under $50 each.
  • Other states like Ohio specify that cosmetics and sporting goods aren’t included.
  • And in Virginia, you’re in luck — energy star appliances are tax free up to $2,500.

And make sure to be nice to your local retail clerk — when deals are this good, crowds can get crazy.

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