Horror Films Are Art Too

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Bloody masks, murder scenes, and horror flicks — that’s my kind of art.

When I was in 8th grade, my friends and I decided to make a film. We were inspired by the classics — Psycho, Scream, and Halloween. We planned it out for hours, went location scouting, and even got my mom to drive us across town to get the perfect costumes.

On the final night of editing, our principal came to see our movie. We smiled with pride, but he wasn’t smiling back. He told us that we couldn’t show the movie. That parents would be mad and kids would be scared and then he deleted half of the film. In my eyes, the good half.

I was crushed. He would never burn a kids essay, or throw out someone’s painting. He didn’t see the art or the skills we learned. But I never gave up. I kept making films, including two sequels ti the deleted movie.

Now I’m a senior in high school and I’ve won film of the year, director of the year, and other awards at my school. My content might have been destroyed, but my passion and creativity will never die.

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