Holding Onto Myself While Losing Weight

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I was always proud to be the designated fat boy in the group. So it was hard to see the gains in losing weight.

Being fat allowed me to have my own identity. It was my way of saying, I’m not conforming to the typical image of body-conscious teenager.

But recently I realized that being fat wasn’t what made me stand out — it was the lessons I learned while being big. I am a great listener — a skill that I developed in elementary school at recess. I couldn’t run around the whole time so I spent a lot of time sitting on the bench listening to third grade melodramas. I learned how to be confident and love myself, and not to take simple things for granted, like being able to cross my legs and read a book.

In last few months I’ve lost a lot of weight. And I’ve come to realize I can still be the biggest personality in the room, even if I’m slim. Now I’m looking forward to when my body can keep up with my big personality.

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