Gen-Z Done ‘Keeping Up’ With The Election

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This election has seen a lot of big talk about returning to lost greatness or better times.

Walking down the hallway of my school, I see kids divided into three groups:

First, there are students who are strongly opinionated. For this group of teens, not being able to vote doesn’t mean they can’t be outraged.

Second, there’s a group of teens that sees the election as a source of entertainment. In classrooms, students comment on how hilarious they find Hillary’s shoulder-shimmy. Check their phones and see dozens of likes about a caterpillar in the Amazon that resembles Trump’s hair.

Lastly, there’s the group that I am in – the group of teens that is just disappointed. We want to know why we have grown numb to daily shootings, why colleges keep raising the price of education, and why cyber-security is a national joke.

These are the questions that leave me feeling lost. If this is the best that America has to offer us, we may not want to be found.

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