Fasting From Social Media

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My peers are addicted to social media. But for me, sites like Facebook became distracting and depressing. That’s why I gave them up.

A year ago, my Facebook page was constantly filled with negative posts about fights and deaths. Not only that, but my friends were starting to act like I was always available, and I couldn’t have my phone blowing up while I was at work or in class.

Eventually, I decided that If I wanted to talk to my friends, I’d call.

But even with my digital isolation, I can’t escape social media entirely. My girlfriend and I always get into arguments whenever she sneaks her phone out to look at Instagram while we’re spending time together. However, when she shows me Rest In Peace pictures of my friends on social media, I regret avoiding it, because I’m so late to the news.

It’s been a whole year since I detached myself from these sites, and I’ve noticed that fasting from social media helps me focus on new priorities. I figure if I keep blocking out negative feeds from the Internet, I can stay on a positive path to my future.

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