Expressing Myself Through My Music

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Song-writing makes me appreciate living, because it reminds me that I’m not alone.

At the age of four, rhyming words and singing melodies was just a time-filler between watching Dexter’s Laboratory and eating dinner.

But as I got older, my songs started to reflect my reality. They became more intense when I was battling bulimia and bullying. I never talked about these problems with anyone, which caused me to get mad or not say anything at all.

During these difficult times, I would write songs. After completing a song I would realize that I had just incorporated myself into the story. Even if I wrote about solutions and never applied them to my life, it still made me feel better. My songs saved my life in the long run.

After overcoming an awful freshman year, I had an idea: maybe my songs could save someone else’s life too. I want to share my experiences, dreams, failures and achievements with other people.

I still write to grow as a person, but I can also give other people a starting point to solve their problems, or even come up with their own solutions.


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