Childhood In The Eye’s of An Only Child

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Growing up as an only child, my friends always told me how lucky I was.  “My bratty brother won’t stop taking my stuff” they would say. They told me they wished they were only kids too. I  would nod politely, but in my heart I was jealous of the love-hate relationships they had with their siblings.

As long as I could remember, I wanted a sister I could share secrets with — a biological partner in crime. I fantasized about the trouble we would get into, and the arguments and rivalries we’d  have. For all of you with siblings, just think about how much you learned from them.

But as I — and my parents — got older, it became clear that I was going to stay an only child.

And there are benefits. Time to myself ,  having my own room, and no hand me downs. Still I can’t help but feel some sibling rivalry could have better prepared me for life.

My childhood is coming to a close.  But I may actually get a second chance for siblings. Next fall when I go off to college I hope to join a sorority. And if things go as planned, I will have what always wanted —  sisters. And maybe a little rivalry.

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