Bullying At An Art School

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thx 1223Being bullied used to be all I knew. Now, my voice is the new ruler of my kingdom.

I’ve switched to five different school to get away from bullying since the third grade. I thought a performing arts school would be different, and that I would make friends that have the same goal as me, to be a professional music artist.

But three months in, I was still feeling alienated by different cliques, and being insulted by my classmates. People I didn’t even know were rude to me.

There even was a time, when I thought I didn’t want to go back. But I realized that if I had to quit, singing would have just been another hobby. I wouldn’t have been leaving another school, I would be abandoning a legacy I could be a part of, and create for myself.

So, I decided that singing was going to overrule the fear of being bullied again. This year, when I walk up the stairs to my school I feel different. I’m more interested in pursuing my career goals than dealing with confrontation.

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