An Introverted Leader

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Jonny Goldstein via Flickr

People tell me to speak up all the time. At school, in restaurants, even in the car with my mom. My classmates sometimes ask me if I’m okay. And I am! I’m probably just daydreaming about my next meal, or how cute my crush looks.

I embrace my quiet side. It gives me some peace and solitude in this crazy world. It’s my own time for reflection and imagination. But when I need to, I can morph into beast mode.

At a leadership activity, we divided into two groups. On the left, people who enjoy public speaking, and to the right, people who didn’t. I went with the public speakers. Someone shouted, “Bianca, you’re on the wrong side!”

A counselor said, “You don’t know, she could be in student leadership.” I squeezed out, “well, I am.”

I just finished my position as media director for a student union, where I was shouting “one mic” at open forums and directing jumpy, tired students around our workshops. I enjoyed using my “loud” voice all the time.

I’m a naturally quiet person, but I’m still strong, and I see myself as a leader.

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