An Ode To My Dads On This Father’s Day

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This Father’s Day, I have a lot to celebrate. I have not one, but two dads; my biological father and my stepdad, my mom’s husband.

I know what you’re probably thinking. There must be bad blood between my father and my stepdad, but that’s never been the case. Actually, they’re pretty close.

They sit together at school events. They laugh at each other’s bad jokes. For birthdays and holidays, they buy joint presents for my brother and I. It’s not uncommon for strangers to mistake them for a couple.

It’s hard to pinpoint a certain reason for two people, especially in a situation like this, to get along. When I asked them, they didn’t know. Ultimately, I think they both just want the best for my brother and I, and our family. My step dad never tried to replace my dad, and my dad knew that.

My parents, all three of them, function as a team that provides my brother and I with all the love and support we could ever need. That can seem really odd to others, but I’m extremely grateful for it.


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