Ellin O'Leary

Calm In Cleveland?

The contrast between the security concerns going into the Republican National Convention and how the convention has actually unfolded thus far is shockingly different.

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Pepper Sprayed In Youth Jail

It’s rare for guards to use pepper spray to control youth held inside most juvenile halls across the country. Youth Radio investigates practices in juvenile hall in Alameda County, California.

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Unlocked: Juvenile Probation Reformed

Back in 2000, Wayne County made some major changes to its juvenile probation system, making the program more therapeutic. Before reforms in Wayne County, the recidivism rate for juveniles was about six in ten kids. Now the recidivism rate is low — holding steady at around 16 percent.

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Unlocked: From Probation to Incarceration

In recent years, Alameda country’s incarcerated juvenile population dropped by half. Now, instead of using detention centers that remove kids from their homes, judges are ordering young offenders into the probation system. But the system presents hidden challenges.

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