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Ask The Awkward Questions: Four Fact-Checking Case Studies For New Journalists

So you’re just getting started in journalism — awesome! Whether you’re a teen working at your school’s paper, a cub reporter at a local radio station, or online blogger with new ideas about how we should consume media, all journalists share the same mission: tell the truth. Here are a few of our stories: four case studies of difficult, surprising, and sometimes downright awkward fact-checking scenarios for emerging journalists.

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DISCUSSION: Graduating High School Versus Earning A GED

Would you consider earning a high school equivalency certification instead of a high school diploma? What, if anything, does the high school experience offers versus the potential “shortcut” of a GED? How well does high school fit your learning needs?

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Jenny Bolario

DIY Toolkit: How to Pitch a Story

You’ve got an idea for a great story… or at least you think it’s a great story. Now you need to convince your editor/teacher why this story needs to get made, and why you’re the right reporter for the job. So what goes into a good pitch? How much research do you need to do before you make your pitch? We’ve put together some of tips of the trade on putting together the best pitch for your story idea.

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