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(Columbia City Blog)

Meet The Woman Behind Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Some people are calling 2016 the ‘most important election of our lifetimes’, and it’s easy to see why. Technology is providing venues for new voices to have their say on issues that will have a global impact; the emotions of both the right and the left run high as the country prepares to decide what direction its leadership will take; all while more and more social-media-savvy millennials are reaching voting age.

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Inside Berkeley High’s Student Walkout

On Thursday, November 5th, hundreds of high school students at Berkeley High walked out of their classes in response to a lynching threat found on a school computer. Youth Radio’s Natalie Bettendorf, an editor with the Berkeley High Jacket, spoke with KPFA’s Dennis Bernstein about the incident.

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Jenny Bolario

Mixed, Passing For White

What’s it like to be a mixed race person who passes as white? Complicated, according to Youth Radio’s Maya Cueva. She often finds herself struggling to represent the part of her racial identity that people can’t see.

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