How Not To Screw Up Someone Else’s Story

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We see it all the time in media: teenagers and young adults often show up only as sources in stories, not as reporters. The stories are about young people, not by young people.

While our reporting relies on sources (like any news outlet), our newsroom professionals work with young people as reporters first and foremost. Our approach is that if you do the work, you get the byline. Youth Radio journalists are in the process the whole time and get final editorial say.

It’s not how things usually work.

That’s why we’re presenting our principles and methods to the amazing professionals at this week’s 2017 Third Coast International Audio Festival (#ThirdCoast2017). Youth Radio’s newsroom team is presenting an in-depth look at how we partner with young people to tell their stories.

With that in mind, we’re sharing our presentation here for those who attended our session (and for those who couldn’t make it).

Check out the slides below and read original stories by journalists Noel Anaya and Vrndavana Hines.

For more resources on reporting, check out Teach Youth Radio.

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